AT 2019/2020


On November 15, we did a study tour to North Sumatra, I got ready from home to MTQ because the bus I was going to use was waiting there. No longer waiting on the mtq, it was raining and the buses began to leave. After a few hours we passed the chevron, then stopped at the thorn for Asr prayer, after eating there, we continued on our way. 

At night we only slept on the bus, the atmosphere on the bus at night was very cold and made me fall asleep, unexpectedly it was dawn and we stopped near the Grand Mosque range to carry out the morning prayer, after the morning prayer we continued on our way to the seals and when entering the afternoon before leaving for Lake Toba we had lunch there. After lunch we boarded the boat across Lake Toba to Tomok, then until we were invited we bought souvenirs. After I got on the boat again and crossed the lake. 

After that we boarded the bus again and headed towards Hermina hotel using the bus. And in the afternoon we arrived at the hotel and immediately took a shower, after that dinner, and many people in the hotel lacked water and had to find water to another room.

The next morning after waking up, to take a shower I had to go to the first floor room after that I had breakfast and immediately went to Berastagi, after a few hours we had lunch at the green garden. After that we left again for the fruit market in Berastagi. When it was at the fruit market on a rainy day, I bought some souvenirs and went straight back to the bus, because the weather was raining and then we continued on to the lumbini park and the weather didn't support because it was raining and we only briefly went there and we immediately resumed the trip and stopped at Afros for dinner, and in Afros there is a little singing entertainment. 

after that we went straight to the Grand Kanaya hotel and we rested there, because of sleeping late, I fell asleep and woke up late, and because I checked out at 8, immediately quickly take a shower, clean up and after breakfast, after breakfast we immediately went to usu using special uniforms, then we entered the usu university, after a few hours at usu, we left again for maimun palace. At Maimun Palace we had lunch after that we took pictures, after taking pictures we returned to the bus and continued our last trip to the mirror beach, at the beach we also took pictures and even after a few hours our dusk had entered. go back upstairs and have dinner together. 

After dinner we immediately went home to Pekanbaru and at night I slept on the bus with a very cold temperature so I fell asleep and morning had arrived, about 9 o'clock we breakfasted in thorns, after that we returned to the bus and when it was distributing the cakes that we had ordered as souvenirs from Medan. And finally we arrived in front of the school about half past one in the afternoon.

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